General Information

Our studio runs off two semesters following our school year with bonus summer sessions. We run August - December & January - May. Following the end of both semtester students are given the option, while highly encouraged to participate in our performances to show off what they have been working on during their classes. Our tuition is based upon the amount of classes for the entire semester and then split up into the number of months in the semester so your price will not change for the weeks we do not have class. Payments are due on the 15th of the month, we accept cash, check, bank draft & credit cards with 5% fee. A registration fee & first months payment is due at the time of class registration. We offer payment options such as, monthly, by the semester & yearly (only available in the fall). Discounts available, see below.



Students may follow our regular makeup policy, which has been extended to allow makeups throughout the entire semester in which the absence occurs. Dancer's who are quarantined and not allowed to leave home are invited to join class using our Hybrid Class option. Please email to set up this for your dancer as needed.

In the spring semester, June 7th-19th is available for large scale makeup classes, due to studio shutdown/quarantine and will be communicated via email.

Spring '21



30 minutes | $28 monthly

                  $133 semester


45 minutes | $43 monthly

                  $204.25 semester


60 minutes | $56

                  $266 semester

*spring semester runs January 4th - June 5th


30 minutes | $91 monthly

                  $490 semester


45 minutes | $150.50 monthly

                  $752.50 semester


60 minutes | $196


*unlimited is the equivalent of getting 50% off your 4th class & there after free.