Outside of our regularly offered dance classes, we like to give our students & non-students the chance to get involved at our studiot. If you're tiny dancer is too young to join our regular dance classes, we offer preschool adventure classes. If your child is looking to focus in on their dance abilities, get more involved in the behind-the-scences of production or if you're looking for a parents night out, then we have a place for you here! Check back here frequently to see what we have available. 





Let your imagination soar in a Preschool Adventure Class! Perfectly themed and planned with our youngest dancers in mind, every moment in the class is a new adventure.


With the class price you get five action packed classes full of stories, games, and dancing, registration, & everything you need to wear for class!

Workshop classes are an opportunity for all dancers to work on specific sets of skills in a more intensive style class setting. A variety of class options are offered so that students can gain a wider knowledge of dance, theater & the arts!

Workshop classes are not limited to dancers at On Pointe Arts, so this is a great opportunity for your dancer to bring a friend & learn something new!


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